Fix “User Doesn’t Exist” Bounceback Error on Email Forwarder In cPanel

Nothing ever seems to go straight forward for me.

I’d originally set up a mailbox in cPanel to catch email at user@domain.tld but then I decided that I’d rather just forward it to another address instead to save checking multiple inboxes.

Turns out cPanel didn’t like that.

I set up the email forwarder which worked perfectly, but oddly users sending mail to the user@domain.tld were getting a bounceback error, despite the forwarder actually working.

Ughhh… What?

Thankfully after taking a look into it the fix was pretty easy. Turns out cPanel hadn’t properly deleted the original mailbox.

So to fix it I just FTP’d into /home/user/mail/domain.tld/

And then renamed the user account that was in that folder to user-bak.

Tested it again & it worked fine.

Now, I could go back in & delete the folder as it seems to be working… But I’ll just leave it renamed as bak in case any problems arise so that I can easily switch it back.

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